Female Swedish names

Female Swedish names

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Adela - noble
Agatha is good
Agda is good
Agneta - chaste, saint
Agnetta - chaste, saint
Alva - elf
Anika - useful, blessed
Annalize - useful, grace-filled, who made an oath to God
Annborg - eagle defense
Annborch - eagle defense
Asha is a goddess
Ashlog - the bride of God
Astrid - divine beauty
Auda is very rich

Barebra is a foreigner, a stranger
Bathilda - fiery battle
Benedict - blessed
Bengta - Blessed
Botilda - Battle of Vengeance

Valdis - goddess of those who died in battle
Vallborg - rescuing those killed in action
Wendela the Wanderer
Viva - live
Vivec - war

Guard - fortress
Gerdi - fortress
Gittan - Sublime
Greta is a pearl
Gulla - military battle
Gullan - military battle
Gunilla - military battle

Dahliya - Valley of Flowers, Dahlia

Ingvild the warrior Inga
Ida is hardworking
Ingegard - body, shell of Inga
Inger - body, shell of Inga
Inghild - Inga warrior
Ingvild - Inga warrior

Kaisa - clean
Kai is clean
Kaya is clean
Kaya - pure
Kaisa - clean
Karin - pure
Katarina is pure
Katherine - pure
Katerina is clean
Katina is pure
Kerstin is a follower of Christ
Kia is a follower of Christ
Kjersteen - follower of Christ
Christa is a follower of Christ

Lynn is a double flower
Linnaeus - double flower
Lotta - man
Lovisa is a famous warrior

Malin - a woman from Magdala
Margareta is a pearl
Marit is a pearl
Marina - marine
Marit is a pearl
Marne - sea
Martha is a pearl
Mia - stubborn, rebellious
Michaela - Like God
Mi - stubborn, rebellious

Nope - double flower
Nilsin - the conqueror of people, nations

Ode is very rich
Ottali - rich
Otilia is rich

Pernilla - a small rock

Ragnilda - the battle of the defenders
Rebeca is charming, captivating

Sassa is a beautiful God
Sophia is wise
Solvig is a strong house
Susanne - lily
Swangilda - battle of the swans
Svea - Swedish

Theresia the reaper
Torborg - Protected by Thor
Torborg - Protected by Thor
Torfridh - the beauty of Thor
Torridh - the beauty of Thor
Thorhilda - Battle of Thor
Tova - Thor, thunder
Tyri - Warrior Thor

Ulva - she-wolf

Frederica is a peaceful ruler
Freya - mistress, mistress
Froya - mistress, mistress

Helgi - a saint dedicated to the gods
Hillevy is a healthy warrior

Charlotte is a human

Emely is a rival

Yannicke - the mercy of God

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