The art of being an expert

The art of being an expert

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Lacombe's rule of interest

The probability that something good will happen is either 15-25% or 80-90%.

Dudenhofer's Corollary

In the region from 40 to 60%, an answer of 50% can be satisfied.

Kayman's Sixth Law

If you're trying to predict the macroeconomic impact of a politician's economic decree, don't believe what he says. Watch what he does.

Weiler's law

Nothing is impossible for a person who does not need to do it himself.

Weinberg's second law

If builders built houses the way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker to fly would destroy civilization.

Mars rule

An expert is any person not from our city.

Warren's rule

An expert should be someone who believes that the work will take a very long time and will be very expensive.

Peters' recommendation

Guess three times in a row and you will earn an expert reputation.

Schroeder's law

Indecision is the basis of flexibility.

Burke's rule

Never pose a problem for which you do not know the solution.


Set tasks for which only you have a solution.

Matz's aphorism

The conclusion is the place in the text where you are tired of thinking.

Fagin's past prediction rule

Hindsight is an exact science.

The first rule of history

History does not repeat itself - it is historians who repeat each other.

Dunlap's laws of physics

1. Fact is a solidified opinion.

2. Under the influence of high temperatures and pressures, facts soften.

3. Truth is elastic.

Maxim Merkina

If in doubt about the forecast, say that this trend will continue in the next period.

Halgren's solution

If you are in a mess, fog up.

Hawkins theory of progress

Progress does not consist in replacing a wrong theory with a correct one, but in replacing a wrong theory with a wrong one, but refined.

Meyer's law

To complicate is simple, to simplify is difficult.

Hlaid's Law

Entrust the solution of a difficult task to a lazy employee - he will find an easier way.

Hunt's law

Any great idea has a flaw equal to or greater than the greatness of that idea.

Hellon's Razor

Do not discern malice in something that can be explained by stupidity.

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