The most unusual competitions

The most unusual competitions

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Not everyone succeeds in becoming a participant in the Olympics or the World Championship. We will tell below about the most unusual competitions in the world.

Rock-paper-scissors. In childhood, everyone must have played this simple game. Few people know that since 2002 it has been considered a full-fledged sport by some enthusiasts. There is even a rock-paper-scissor federation. World championships are held annually under its auspices. In 2009, this competition was held in Toronto. The winner was Tim Kondar, who also received a check for $ 50,000 in addition to his honorary title. The championships for this game are quite popular. Both the mass media and sponsors are interested in them. The most famous of these is Yahoo.

Sports sauna. The Finns themselves could not have imagined that their national fun would turn into a national sport. His rules are simple. 4 people sit in the sauna with a temperature of 110 degrees. Water is poured into the oven every half minute. Conditions are getting worse and worse. Not everyone can withstand them. The winner is the one who spends the longest time in the sauna. Usually the winner is determined at temperatures between 120 and 125 degrees. Such an unusual world championship was held every year from 1999 to 2008. But the competition was suspended after one of the finalists was literally boiled alive. The unfortunate was a Russian. Vladimir Ladyzhensky managed to sit in the sauna for only 6 minutes at a temperature of 110 degrees.

Throwing mobile phones. And this tweed sport was invented by tireless Finns. They decided to compete in who will be able to throw the mobile phone next. Scoring is a tricky business. After all, not only the distance and height of the throw are taken into account, but also the artistry of the participant himself. It is no coincidence that the terrier won in 2008. The owner stuffed his mobile right into his dog's throat. The animal chewed, gnawed the apparatus, and spat out. The throw took place! The judges appreciated the artistry of the four-legged athlete, awarding him primacy. The world record in this sport among men is 95 meters. Such an unusual championship is held in the Finnish city of Savonlinna. The first competition took place in 2000. Now the participants compete in the male, female and junior categories. To take part in this merry holiday, you don't have to sacrifice your telephone sets. The throwing equipment is provided by the organizers themselves. Participants can choose any brand and model to their liking, weighing from 200 to 440 grams. The competitions became so popular that they began to be held in England, Germany and Norway. In addition to the prize, the winners also receive the right to represent their country at the tournament in Finland. The popularity of the championship is evidenced by the fact that in 2011 Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell became its guests of honor.

Toe wrestling. Another name for such a fight is towrestling. You may have heard a lot about armwrestling. There the fight takes place with the elbows. But in towrestling, the participants clasp their legs. To do this, the rivals sit on their soft heels opposite each other. The legs are extended and the thumbs are locked. The fight begins! Surprisingly, this sport is quite old. Championships on it have been held since 1970. In 2010, 49-year-old Allen Nash became the champion. True, he called on his secret weapon for help - the unbearable smell of his feet. They say that no enemy can bear this stench. The champion himself received the nickname "Ugly" for such a "useful" property of his legs.

Finger wrestling. Finger wrestling is a closer relative of arm wrestling. This type of competition uses the index fingers. Opponents put one strong rubber ring on them and begin to pull it with all their might. Such competition (or torture?) Continues until one of the parties admits defeat. The first championship in this kind of sport was held in 1986 at the Oktoberfest. It should only be noted that this kind of sport is quite traumatic. German wrestlers are so uncompromising that in an attempt to win they can even let their index finger jump out of the joint.

Launching frogs. In childhood, almost any of us threw a flat stone on the smooth surface of the sea or lake, counting the flip-flops of a bouncing projectile. But this is not fun at all, but the most real sport! It is called stone skipping. In this sport, two world championships are held annually. In the first, the winner is the one whose stone pancake rides the farthest. And in the second, it is already necessary to try to make the largest number of jumps with a stone. In 2010, Byers Stone won both tournaments. He was able to make the rock bounce 51 times! The champion is a professional in this sport, he does not do anything else in his life. The existence of him is provided by a number of sponsors who allow him to live comfortably. But the amateur record is much more modest - only 21 jumps.

Carrying wives in your arms. Usually men carry their wives in their arms to prove their love. And in this case, you can also earn extra money on this. Every year 6 championships are held in the world, for which the stronger sex wears its soul mate at speed. The most famous and popular competition is held in the Finnish village of Sonkajärvi. Such a championship is associated with legends that once men had to steal their future wives. Athletes need to carry their beloved along the 250-meter track, which is crammed with various obstacles. If you just hold your spouse in your arms, then nothing will work. Therefore, men usually load their spouse on their shoulders, backs, someone even clamps them between their legs. Here the will of fantasy and strategy is given. The competition does not look romantic at all, because during it the fairer sex is often "lost". As a result, they get scratches and bruises from the race. Anyone can take part in the championship, but a woman should not be too easy. Beauties lighter than 49 kilograms are weighted with additional sandbags. Recently, beauty transfer competitions have become more and more popular. They have already begun to be held not only in the Scandinavian countries - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, but also in Estonia, Latvia and distant South Korea.

Mosquito control. Every year in Italy, people compete in who will destroy the blood-sucking insects the most. The action takes place in the town of San Nadzaro Sesia. Participants receive special fly swatter approved by the competition rules. Athletes are given only 10 minutes to prove their dislike of mosquitoes. The main thing is not to get carried away with murders, because you still have to manage to pick up the corpses of insects. After all, it is their number that will determine the winner. Launching competitions and are similar to children's fun, the prizes here are quite mature. Each of the three finalists is paid 10 euros for the destroyed bloodsucker. Similar competitions are held in the Lomellina Valley, south of Milan. Only there the participants are forced to kill mosquitoes with their bare hands. And the Finns have outdone everyone, changing the sport beyond recognition. Participants can now only kill mosquitoes that have stuck to their backs. How to prevent insects from getting on other parts of the body? Quite simply, participants pour sugar syrup on their backs.

Shouting competition. In the Japanese prefecture of Oita, the best screamer is chosen every year. For some reason, the Japanese are considered to be quiet and meek, but there are none at these competitions. There are several hundred participants trying to shout down each other. In this case, there is a lot of noise, because the scream can be stronger than 100 dB. But such an op can drown out even a passing train. Psychologists also say that shouting properly is good relaxation. The Japanese have already gained followers, the screaming championship is now taking place in Polish Goldap. The inhabitants of the country clearly want to become more calm.

Racing rubber ducklings. Do you think this competition is not serious? Meanwhile, this activity has been chosen for themselves by athletes in many places around the world. This kind of sport is gaining more and more popularity. The largest rubber duck launching championship is held in Singapore. Winning a competition here is like winning a lottery. You need to buy a duck and write your name on it, expecting then a smile of fate. The judge gives a signal, and all the collected toys fall into the water in a large yellow stream. Ducklings go with the flow, cheered by the cheers of the fans. Do you think only fools participate in the competition? But the main prize for the winner is $ 1 million.

Football in the mud. Almost the same rules apply here as in regular football. Only a specific field forces the player to hold the ball in his hand at a penalty kick. And the teams do not run across the green field, but crawl in the mud. This sport is national in Scotland. Competitions on it have been held since time immemorial.

Snail race. For a quarter of a century, the original championship has been held in the English city of Kongam. During the competition, snails are placed in the center of the circle and wait until one of them leaves outside of it. The British are very fond of this sport. It even got to the point that some of the most ardent fans even tried to draw up a petition demanding that their favorite sport be included in the Olympic category. Finding a video of the race on the Internet is quite difficult, because the competition lasts several hours. Are they fascinating?

Tug by ears. Not everyone perceives this fun as a full-fledged sport. But at the World Eskimo Games, there are whole Ear Pull tournaments. Participants gather every summer in Alaska. While this seems absurd, it is very popular. Participants use strong nylon rope. Each competition brings with it new player injuries.

Face antics. An unusual competition has been held in Great Britain since 1267. To win it, you have to make the most unique grimace. The most famous of the living winners is Tommy Matheson. He won the tournament 11 times. First in 1986-1987, and then from 1999 to 2008. Such a series of victories even brought him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Throwing eggs. There are several competitions in this category at once. Directly teams can compete in throwing eggs. To do this, two people try to toss an egg to each other at the maximum distance. In this case, the main thing is not to break the sports "equipment". There is an egg relay. Here, the team is no longer two, but 11 people. They diverge, forming a circle of 100 meters. Each player is delineated by a 5-meter area, beyond which they cannot. The first participant is awarded a cage with 12 eggs. The referee gives the signal and the eggs begin to be passed one by one until they reach the last athlete. Each broken egg means 3 penalty seconds. To win the competition, you need to complete the task as quickly as possible. Another championship defines the egg sniper. To do this, a brave person is chosen from among the audience, who will act as a target. Then the participants are given 4 eggs. The sniper will be the one who can launch all his projectiles into the head of a live target. You can also play Russian roulette with eggs. To do this, six participants sit at a table opposite each other. To protect the foreheads, bandanas are tied around the head. Then the athletes begin to break eggs on their heads. A total of six eggs are issued, as is the number of cartridges in the revolver. Moreover, five of them are blank, hard-boiled. The loser is determined immediately - after all, a raw egg begins to flow down the face. Did you know that there is a competition with egg catapults? For this, teams of two are created. They create a trebuchet-like throwing machine. Such a medieval weapon was used in the siege of cities. Now the purpose of the catapult is to launch a chicken product at a distance of at least 8 meters. The opposing team must catch this shell, only this will help to win. And all these games are a figment of the imagination of healthy adults, people.

Swim in the swamp. Many people believe that the inventor of this game was simply crazy, but a genius. First of all, the track is being prepared in advance. To do this, a 55-meter long trench is dug in a peat bog. The athlete, at his request, is dressed in a wetsuit, and must be given a flipper, mask and snorkel. The participant must overcome the entire ditch in the minimum time, while working with his hands and raising his head is not allowed. This sport was invented in Wales in 1971. The first championship was held there and then.

Bouncer. In America, this game is called Dodgeball. She has all the trappings of professional sports. Championships are held in this sport, it is broadcast on television. In childhood, almost everyone played "bouncer", the American version has essentially the same rules. Participants throw the ball to each other, those who lose it sit in the center of the circle, waiting for them to be knocked out of there. The game, though silly, is quite entertaining. There is also a Japanese version of the game, with slightly different rules and a different ball.

Eating nettles. The official name of the game is Nettle eating. The history of the competition began in 1986, when two farmers entered the Bottle Pub. They began to argue about who has the largest nettles on the property. The owner of the establishment is tired of listening to an argument about who is better. She offered to arrange a competition. As a result, the very next day the same peasants came to the Bottle, but with nettles in their hands. They started measuring the plants. The winner was Alex Williams. His nettles were 4.7 meters long. The proud winner stated that he would eat his plant if someone grows a nettle taller than his. The crowd quickly found farmers who, for some reason, had a nettles of 4.9 meters with them. Alex was forced to keep his promise by eating nettles in front of a satisfied audience. The whole show was so popular with the regulars that now a nettle eating competition is held here annually.

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