The most unusual pistols

The most unusual pistols

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In today's life, anyone, even the wealthiest person, cannot be completely confident in their safety. So rare and unusual types of pistols have become widespread.

In addition to their main function, they can also indulge the pride of their collector owner. And who will define a formidable weapon in a trifle? Although these pistols are inferior in price to the most expensive Colt Paterson No. 2, estimated at 222.25 thousand pounds, their firearms functions are not much worse. We will tell below about the most unusual pistols, which in their appearance more resemble antiques.

Ring pistol. In our rating, this weapon is the smallest. It is made in the form of a decoration that can be placed not only on a woman's finger, but also on a man's. Few people will guess in such a ring a formidable defender in a difficult situation. The weapon comes with a case and a case. The seven-shot weapon itself was created back in 1870 in England.

Handgun. Such weapons immediately evoke memories of spy films. A pen that can shoot is a well-known secret service technique for a long time, just like an umbrella with a retractable needle. The pen can be carried freely into any office; such a weapon will not attract attention at business meetings. Opponents will always consider a person defenseless, not expecting shooting from an ordinary writing object.

Pistol lock. The shape of this American-made weapon is painfully unexpected. The craftsmen were able to create a masterpiece pistol. True, there are doubts about the practical possibilities of using such weapons. After all, the interlocutors will probably be alerted by the barn lock, which you will constantly twist in your hands. But such a pistol has an impressive 38 caliber. To control the pistol-lock, which is not surprising, you can use two small keys.

Old pistol. One of the oldest pistols was created in 1775 in the Wild West. Its shape is so unusual that you can't tell right away what exactly it looks like. Perhaps the same castle. The most interesting thing is that this weapon is still capable of shooting. The craftsmen of that time knew how to do quality things.

Bolt pistol. This weapon is a kind of competitor to the pen pistol. But if an ordinary handle is quite common, then the external screw of an awkward bolt in the hands will inevitably raise questions. In the hands of a builder, such a thing would look natural, but why would a big businessman have a bolt in the office?

Cane pistol. This weapon is also part of the spy romance. The pistol, created in the form of a cane, is a classic of the genre. With such an accessory, Professor Moriarty walked safely around the city. But a cane is hardly suitable for ladies, but a respectable and respectable man will have a cane just right.

Crucifixion pistol. To many, the creation of such a weapon will seem blasphemous. It is not clear to whom such a thought could have occurred at all. After all, the pistol is made in the form of a crucifix and has a 12 gauge. The evil irony lies in the fact that the weapon of murder is enclosed in a form sacred to believers. The gun seems to ridicule moral values. But hardly anyone will guess the true purpose of the cross.

Hook pistol. Such a weapon would suit some maniac. After all, the pistol is designed as a hook. It is assumed, probably, that the maniac can finish off his victim at the end of her torture. Although the size of such a weapon is not larger than a ring, it is not so easy to hide it due to its specific shape. As a result, the weapon turned out, although original, but impractical and pretentious.

Pistol tube. This weapon is as stylish as anyone. Such an everyday item will easily fit in your pocket and will not arouse suspicion. For us, such a pistol brings back memories of Sherlock Holmes, a warm blanket and hot grog. But do not relax - in a critical situation, the baby is able to save. After all, the tube has a 22 gauge. It is not clear only whether it is possible to smoke such a pipe. Probably, it's still not worth the risk.

Lighter pistol. This weapon is a great match to the previous one. It is just as practical and can accompany a smoker. Again, it is unclear whether the pistol can be used like a regular lighter. But even if not, such a thing will look nice as an accessory. Outwardly, she looks quite stylish, but the owner also knows about her true capabilities.

Key gun. Such a key seems to have come from a fairy tale about Buratino. In fact, this is a weighty 22-gauge pistol. Yes, in everyday life it is extremely inconvenient to use it, but it is able, if not to protect the owner, then to please collectors. Apparently, the one who created such a weapon was an esthete. The master was bored with making banal weapons, he decided to turn them into works of art.

Pistol-watch It will be inconvenient to shoot from such a weapon, but to use it in ordinary life is very comfortable. The antique look of the watch will emphasize the status of the owner, and combining them with a weapon symbolizes the transience of all life. Such a rare model is ancient. And even if she has only 0.3 caliber and they will not be able to kill, they will please with their performance.

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