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Game manipulators

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Game manipulators - differ from a mouse and keyboard only in shape, there is nothing special in them in terms of control. No, if, when playing on the keyboard, only two values ​​are available to us when turning - pressed and not pressed, then the steering wheel or joystick recognizes a smooth press.

Let's give an example - a car playing on the keyboard, we all noticed that it is impossible to unscrew the steering wheel partially, it always unscrews to full, and not at all as fast as we need. This is due to the fact that when controlling the keyboard, the wheels on the machine are only in 3 positions.

First, we do not press anything, and they stand exactly. Second, we pressed a key, and they begin to turn until they reach the third position. The third is a position in which the wheels are completely turned to the side. No other is given.

With the steering wheel, everything is different, the wheels completely correspond to the position of the steering wheel, and turns at the same speed as the steering wheel. That is, there is a huge number of possible positions that will be fixed until the moment you release the steering wheel.

But the auxiliary keys on the steering wheel or joystick are usually similar to the keyboard keys, but there is no need to do others. The steering wheel is just an example, the joystick has a similar control, it's just designed for aviation, nothing more, nothing less.

Not all games will correctly understand the actions of the game manipulator. Almost all games recognize game manipulators, since the developers initially expect to be able to control them. When using common brands, there should be no problems, the only thing worth paying is compatibility with your system.

The gamepad is not a replaceable thing when playing fighting games. Yes, it is, thanks to the large number of buttons, mini joysticks and thoughtful design, playing with a gamepad is much more comfortable and convenient than with a mouse and keyboard. To a large extent, all thanks to the close placement of a large number of buttons, it turns out that every player's action is under your finger. If on the keyboard we can quickly respond to a little more than 10 keys, then when using a gamepad it is possible to use all available ones. The minus of the keyboard is not correct, from a gaming point of view, the placement of buttons in a row. The game pad uses a semicircular version. It goes without saying that it is easier and more convenient to move your finger along a semicircle in search of the desired button than along a line. Another negative manifestation of the keyboard is that this row is stretched over a rather long distance (by the standards of modern games, in which the reaction takes no more than a second). In the gamepad, as already mentioned, the buttons are close enough.

Game manipulators can emit a complete machine. Quite right, at the moment in the store it is not uncommon to see a set of full-fledged three pedals, a steering wheel with powerful vibration feedback, which is realized by several motors, and of course a gearbox that not only resembles a real one, but is a copy of it in almost every respect. The only difficulty can arise when placing all this good. But when the goal is to achieve the greatest similarity, placement is not a problem. Therefore, we can say for sure that at the moment it is quite possible and feasible to issue a car by 90%, or even more. Moreover, all this will not cost exorbitant means.

All play equipment requires detailed configuration. By default, game controllers adjust themselves to the game. At the same time, they are completely neutral towards the so-called game pieces. That is, if the game has a function for changing the sharpness of the steering wheel in the positive or negative direction, the neutral position will be taken by default. It should also be noted that even with such standard settings, you can play and enjoy quite calmly. All these additional options will come in handy when you want variety or just customize the manipulator for yourself.

Game manipulators are too fragile to fully simulate all situations. Modern manipulators are not designed for excessive use of force, but they can safely tolerate sudden movements. It all depends on the quality of a particular brand and of course on whether you bought the original or a fake. Almost all the properties of your purchase depend on the latter, so it's better not to buy anything than to save $ 50, but throw your purchase out in a week or two.

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