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An online store is a store whose "showcase" is located on the Internet and which makes it possible to order goods via the Internet. The store website usually presents a detailed catalog of goods with prices, on the basis of which the user forms his order. When ordering goods in the online store, you can receive them by mail or by courier, and pay - directly upon receipt or also via the Internet.

Online shopping surrounds us everywhere. However, for more than a dozen years of the existence of Internet shops, various beliefs want about them, which are most often a myth.

Online shopping is an investment of money, without any guarantees for receiving goods. This belief is partly myth and partly true. There are cases on the Internet when a buyer pays for a purchase in an online store, after which he does not receive his product or service, and the fraudster at this time curtails his activities and disappears. However, it is worth noting the fact that today such cases can be met very rarely. Typically, such "fake" Internet shops are located on free hosting with weak interfaces. Contacts are naturally fake. Such sites stand out against the general background of online stores. It is worth trusting stores that provide real contact information, or can provide a document on the licensing of their activities in electronic form.

When paying a bill in an online store, a virus can penetrate the user's computer. And here it is - the first myth about online stores. The first thing I would like to note is the presence of a special zone in which payments are made. For example, if you pay for a service or product in an Internet store through Webmoney, then the chance that a virus will penetrate you is 0%. Not only the Webmoney payment system protects users with special protected zones in which only certain valid codes work, other payment systems also offer their own developments in the field of security. A special Merchart engine provides secure data transfer through ActiveX controls.

Online stores can serve as a channel for transferring buyer's funds to third parties. Indeed, there are cases when, when paying for goods in an online store, the buyer could lose all the funds in his virtual account. The thing is that there are a lot of Hackers today. As a rule, the most talented hackers are former programmers who, in contrast, know one or another programming language, thanks to which they manage to write absolutely amazing scripts that can transfer various information to third parties in the process of paying for any product.
However, today it is worth noting the trend of ridding the Internet of this type of danger for buyers. Thanks to the latest developments of Russian programmers, the process of transferring funds and all details is carried out through a special channel, which is very difficult to access.

Online stores and their affiliate programs are cheating. This is another myth, which at least does not stand up to criticism. I must say that this myth was born due to the fact that one of the users registered in the affiliate program of a fake store, which explains the banal non-payment of his earned money. Regarding the issue of partner programs, I would like to say that, as a rule, funds are credited to the partner's account by a script, as well as its payment.
If you participate in the affiliate program of large, well-known online stores, then you should not have a reason to worry, because first of all, paying you to attract new customers to the store in the interests of the store itself.

Online stores selling pin codes first sell the product, and then use it themselves. If you are faced with this, then I will be at a loss, because today it is nothing more than an ordinary invention! Myth! Just think, what online store will try to ruin its reputation because of some kind of mobile phone payment card? This is not just not profitable for the online store, it will simply destroy it once and for all.

By sending the goods to the e-mail of the buyer, online stores can plant a spy. It really is. However, the chance that such a spy will be thrown to you is very small. More than 75% of viruses are known to be transmitted via email. That is why be careful when uploading documents and files from unknown users.
As for online stores, getting keyboards and other spies from them is quite possible. However, most likely this can be done either by fake offices (online stores), or by attackers who are trying to shift the blame onto the sellers. That is why today the sending of goods (digital form) by E-mail is an extremely rare case, usually digital goods can be obtained directly on the website of an online store.

If the payment in the online store is interrupted, the money is debited, but the order of the goods is not confirmed. It is difficult to say whether this is actually a myth. After all, if you look at it from all sides, you can draw a lot of different conclusions. Usually, such errors are caused by a failure within the payment system itself, in this case the process that has begun can be performed without receiving the final result (order confirmation in our case). Such cases in Runet are very rare, but possible, and therefore it is still not a myth! In order to ensure the normal operation of the script, you must first have a stable Internet connection, as well as have the necessary protocols.
In any case, you can demand a refund if you have not received the goods. the payment is registered in the payment system database. It is from them that you should request the history of payment from your personal account, after which this data should be transferred to the online store.

Only a user who is registered in one of the payment systems can buy goods in the online store. The first thing to note here is that this is a real myth. Anyone can pay for a product or service in the online store. However, there is one big BUT. Not all online stores provide a payment service via SMS or bank account. Basically, online stores work with certain payment systems (the most famous are Webmoney, E-gold, Rupay, Yandex-money). However, even here you can place an order and pay for it. This can be done with the help of special payment acceptance machines, which today are in every city, or rather in every large hypermarket.

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