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Juices - fruit and berry and vegetable juices, drinks obtained from fresh fruits, berries and vegetables. There are clear juices obtained by pressing prepared (usually crushed) fruits and berries, and juices with pulp - from pre-wiped pulp of fruits and vegetables rich in carotene and other valuable, water-insoluble components.

According to the composition and method of production, juices are subdivided into natural (from one type of fruit or vegetables and without the addition of other substances), blended (a mixture of several types of juice), sweetened (with the addition of sugar or sugar syrup), carbonated (saturated with carbon dioxide), concentrated ( condensed).

Depending on the method of canning, juices are pasteurized (or sterilized), frozen, canned with antiseptics and other chemicals (most often sulfurous, benzoic, sorbic acids and their salts), fermented and alcoholized (semi-finished products for winemaking).

Juices are one of the main sources of vitamins, in particular vitamin C (blackcurrant juice contains 250-300 mg%, tangerine juice 80-100 mg% vitamin C). By consuming juices regularly, we stimulate metabolic processes, our body becomes stronger: it increases resistance to infections, ensures the body's resistance in stressful situations.

Juices contain minerals, including trace elements. Juices are a panacea for many diseases, such as cardiovascular or kidney disease. Juices are also useful for infectious diseases with fever and decreased appetite.

Many people think that juice is a natural product, so you can drink it as much as you like. This is not entirely true. Juice and juice drinks are quite high in sugar. Therefore, they are high in calories. And by the way, most juices increase your appetite. And this, no doubt, contributes to the accumulation of excess folds of fat around the waist. In addition, excess sugar consumption can lead to diabetes. The juice also destroys tooth enamel, as it contains a large amount of acid. Oddly enough, a large amount of juice drunk can lead to one of the most unpleasant diseases - chronic diarrhea. And of course, one should not forget that with gastritis, stomach ulcers, the use of juices is contraindicated.

Packaged juices have a long shelf life as they contain a lot of "chemistry". In fact, juice production begins with the collection and preparation of fruits and vegetables. Then mashed potatoes are prepared in factories, which are stored and used throughout the year. To preserve vitamins, juices are sterilized, cooled and poured into sterile packaging. Thanks to modern technologies, all valuable aromas and fiber are collected and added to the finished concentrated juice. To reduce the loss of vitamins and nutrients, the ready-made concentrated juice is stored only frozen. Already in factories, concentrated juices are restored with exactly the amount of water that was removed from the fruit. No chemical additives or preservatives are used.

The best juices are canned at home. Housewives think that packaged juices are not healthy enough, and therefore only trust the quality of those juices that they have prepared themselves, from fruits grown in their own garden. But it is worth remembering that this is not always an indicator of excellent juice quality. Sediment, dark color, uneven consistency - we can see all this in the juice made at home. This happens due to non-compliance with the cooking technology. In addition, this juice can cause various degrees of poisoning. Also, prolonged boiling and contact with air nullify efforts to preserve vitamins. And one more disadvantage of homemade juices - the range is limited.

Packaged juices are much worse than freshly squeezed juices. In fact, freshly squeezed juices, since they are not heat-treated, contain more vitamins. However, the amount of minerals in the composition of juice from fresh fruits and juice from a bag is approximately the same. Therefore, there is no significant difference, moreover, not everyone has the opportunity to drink freshly squeezed juices.

Tomato juice is used for diseases of the cardiovascular system. In fact, tomato juice is high in potassium, which is essential for maintaining heart muscle. Not so long ago, tomato juice was accused of promoting salt deposition, however, the study of the composition of tomatoes did not confirm this myth. Therefore, be sure to drink this juice with an amazing taste!

Orange juice is said to be rich in vitamin C. It certainly is. But that's not the only plus of orange juice. It also contains many different minerals and antioxidants. With daily consumption of orange juice, we can reduce the likelihood of getting cancer of the stomach, mouth and larynx by 50%. Before going to the solarium or before going to the beach, doctors recommend smearing orange juice on your skin. Then the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays will not threaten you.

Pineapple juice burns fat. Pineapple juice is actually an excellent fat burner, it contains a substance - bromelain, which helps us burn unwanted fat. And by the way, this trace element will help rejuvenate our body. Doctors also advise using pineapple juice for kidney disease and sore throat.

Grapefruit juice is actually useless. But grapefruit juice should be underestimated. Just like pineapple juice, this juice will help you burn excess fat. And the fact is that it improves digestion and activates the liver, as a result of which an obstacle for fat deposition is formed. Cholesterol levels with regular use of grapefruit juice are reduced by up to 18%.

Apple juice is good for the mind. Apple juice is extremely useful for people of mental labor. Scientists have also shown that apples and apple juice can help maintain mental clarity in old age. Experiments have shown that the substances contained in apple juice are able to protect brain cells from stress, which leads to memory loss and reduced intelligence. Apple juice is also beneficial for people prone to infections and colds, as well as those who suffer from constipation, migraines and obesity.

Lemon juice is used to treat AIDS. Lemon juice can kill many viruses and is used in combination with garlic in the treatment of AIDS. Lemon juice also maintains blood pressure and is a prophylactic agent against heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases.

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