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SEO is search engine optimization. As a result, what is a myth about SEO today may be true tomorrow.

Nevertheless, this science is quite complicated - it is not enough just to place meta tags, captions and place more keywords everywhere. Let's take a look at a few SEO myths below.

All keywords must be placed on the main page of the site. In fact, this will have no effect. It is much more useful to use the keywords that are most relevant to the topic. But narrower queries should generally be placed on subsections or pages describing specific goods and services. The main page, crammed with keywords, is simply a sad sight.

Websites need to be created for only 5-6 keywords. This is actually not true. You can make it so that even small sites can be found on a large number of requests. For this, first of all, it is worthwhile to think over the semantic core and analyze the frequency of keywords.

The most important thing is to have as many key phrases on the page as possible. This misconception is inherent mainly in clients. This approach will lead the search engine to understand that the page is simply spammed. As a result, it will, at best, be thrown out of the search altogether. Plus, being oversaturated with text will leave your visitors unpleasant. Therefore, you should not spoil your image and show everyone with your own eyes that SEO optimization is in full swing here. This can be done both gracefully and efficiently.

Anyone can become an SEO copywriter. It's hard to argue with this statement. But only everyone should mind their own business. What can you expect from food if it is not a chef but a mechanic who starts preparing it? The main thing that is required from a copywriter is the ability to correctly express their thoughts, knowledge of the basics of advertising discourse, search engine optimization. An SEO copywriter must know different genres and registers of text, he must understand the thinking of the target visitor, imagine his passage through the site. Such a specialist should think about conversion, be able to display sites in the top search.

All SEO copywriting is needed solely to get high search rankings. Indeed, SEO copywriting does this. But not only for this is it needed. It's much more important to create a competitive conversion text. After all, it is not a search engine that buys our product or services. This is done by clients for whom it is necessary to write.

More keywords should be placed in the titles. Of course, you can do that. But it will be much more useful if you create a clickable headline that will catch on. It should not only attract attention, but also reflect the essence of the entire text.

Clients don't like big texts. In fact, clients don't like big empty or big meaningless texts. There can be thousands of words in a text, but if they are well written and correctly formatted, the reader will read them all. But no one wants to wade through the tangled jungle.

The first stage of conversion is the transition of the user to the site from the search results. The first step in conversion is generally the appearance of the site in search results. At the same time, the page should have a good title and its description in the snippet (fragmentary text from the site describing it). After all, it is your site that the user should like among dozens of others, so that a person decides to go to it. It is usually said that being in the top five guarantees a transition to the site. But even if the page is in the top three, its low-quality snippet will not catch the user and increase the number of clicks.

In order to get a good position in the search engine results, you need to have exactly 250 words on the page. This equals approximately 2500 characters. Don't mindlessly rely on the magic of numbers. The target audience determines how much text should be. According to it, the type of page and the purpose of writing the text are formed. The result depends a lot on the search engine optimization strategy that is on this site.

All external links must be framed with either the noindex tag or add the nofollow attribute. Otherwise, the site's rating will deteriorate. Don't be greedy. Some experts generally argue that direct external links from a site or blog, on the contrary, will lead to an increase in its ranking in search. It should be understood that a link to a blog of similar topics can lead to the appearance of a backlink and new visitors. You shouldn't make your page a "black hole" from which there is no way out.

The site can be promoted for free. The mistake of novice webmasters is the fact that they are trying to promote their site for free, without having any funds for it. As a result, a lot of time is wasted and a positive result is not achieved. Much faster and better quality, you can promote the site by investing a little money in it. For example, on the query "village" you can promote your resource to the top ten only by proper optimization and the presence of several links. But in order for a site to reach the top of the ratings on request "show business", you have to spend at least a thousand dollars a month. You won't get to the top for free. To promote your site at no cost, you can use message boards, social networks, link exchanges, blog comments. True, today many of these methods are classified as spam. Using all these methods at the same time can lead to an unpleasant hit under the search engine filter.

The site should only have unique content. This opinion is usually inherent in beginners. It is believed that priority is given to the content of the site, and not to itself. Copy-and-paste resources don't last long. The presence of unique content is a good measure, especially important when promoting a white site. But copy-and-paste feels great on them. Search engines simply find the original source of the recording. True, now the technologies are still imperfect and it is sometimes difficult for the author to prove that it was he who wrote the article. You can create and place a unique article, and the search engine under the number "1" will show another site that simply stole it. And the thing is that on that site there is simply a greater number of visits. This is how many resources live and are successfully indexed.

There is a certain required keyword density. Usually this parameter varies from 3 to 16%. In fact, the most optimal word density should be in the range of 4-7%. If you exceed this threshold, then you can fall under the filter of search engines, who will perceive it as spam. As a result, you can be far behind on the promoted request. Although the density itself does not play a big role in the text, in combination with other factors it can become very significant. And this cannot be neglected.

The copied content on the site will be filtered when searching. Many people believe that copy-and-paste may result in at least inclusion in the filter or punishment in the form of lowering the number of pages in the search result. In fact, this is not the case. Google has officially announced that there are no filtering penalties for copy-paste. True, Yandex is silent about this. But this search engine can easily throw out a duplicate article, which it often does. But if a few more comments are added to the text, this is unlikely to happen.

The site can be banned by search engines. You can often hear that the site got banned by someone, for example, to the same Yandex. We must somehow correct the situation. But there is no ban! What is generally understood in this case by this word? Ban is a ban on search robots from indexing a site for some violation of the search engine license. Usually, doorways and unmoderated message boards, which are simply trash can, fall under the ban. However, non-unique content is not considered a violation at all. This can only entail the imposition of a filter and the exclusion of the site from the index. To find out if there is a site in the bath, you need to follow the link If they write there that the site has been added and will soon be indexed, then there is no ban.

The site is approved or authorized by Google itself. Such loud words can often be seen on some rather little-visited sites and resources. But this is just a method for attracting customers. And there is really nothing behind such advertising. Neither Google nor Eric Schmidt personally endorse any sites. Do not believe those who talk about being in a narrow circle of trusted search engine services.

You cannot use Google Analytics. After all, in this way the company will track you and use your personal information against. Another conspiracy theory. Officially, Google has repeatedly stated that users' personal information is not used in any illegal actions.

PR value has a close relationship with search ranking. How many would like it to be true. After all, then the life of many SEOs would become much easier. However, this is, alas, a myth.

Having a sitemap can improve your rankings. In fact, the sitemap just helps make indexing easier. It will not give the site credibility and improve its position.

The new indexing has deprived the meaning of the first place in the search results. After all, each user has his own individual result. It's hard to argue with the fact that Google's searches are based on previous history. But such differences are usually so small that the absolute winners in the race for the first place will always remain there. It's easy to check. We must first depersonalize the search. To do this, you need to exit all search engine services, and at the end of the address bar you need to add the phrase "& pws = 0", which means do not use "personalized web search". These simple steps will allow you to really appreciate the changes in the search results.

To improve your search results, you need to use meta tags. Not everyone knows that this is a myth. The effect of placing keywords in meta tags is just another myth. But this technique is very fond of using spammers, against which optimizers have fought for a long time. And the meta description cannot improve the position in the search results.

It's a good idea to add index and follow to the meta-tech. And this technique is not at all required. After all, search robots index by default all the content of the site, except for those cases when some of the materials are closed for this by the owner himself.

You need to enclose your keywords in comment, link and image tags. Comment tags have no weight at all.

Geo-dependent sites suffer from duplicate content. The Google search engine is smart enough to classify the site with as Ukrainian, and as Russian. If you have doubts about this and you are afraid of an error, then in the Google Webmaster Tools panel you can determine your location.

The page address must end with .html. And this is completely unimportant for a search engine.

The position of the main page in the search results can be improved by using keywords in the anchor of the internal pages. Experienced SEOs say that anchor links on internal pages do not play any role in promotion.

The home page should be updated daily. This myth is fairly common. Lots of non-updatable pages are great when searched.

To increase PR and position in the SERP, you need to use selling links. In this case, you may come across links from unwanted sites. This idea will be very bad. And why turn your site into a trash heap of other people's links? If you are to buy links, then candidates must be carefully selected. It is necessary to work only with those who can really increase the TCI (thematic citation index).

The most important elements of SEO are H1 headlines. While there is a correlation between headline and promotion, it is not great. It should be borne in mind, however, that it is often the title that attracts visitors.

Google takes into account several factors when counting mobile traffic. One of them is xhtml markup. Google mobile search mirrors the standard search. Of course, if the site has a mobile version, then it is more attractive to visitors. True, this has nothing to do with promotion.

Disallow directives can prevent page indexing. To do this, just use the NOINDEX tag.

SEO is a one-time procedure. In fact, it is rare when you hear about the end of a project promotion. SEO never ends, you can't do it and forget it. Usually, this approach is practiced by IT workers, for whom any such work is just another project.

Automated SEO is nothing more than regular spam. What is wrong with using an automation system in your work? After all, it reflects the level of development of society and the entire market as a whole. Without automation, large companies would not be able to promote their huge sites and optimize their internal structure.

Those pages that can only be accessed using the search form will not be indexed. It used to be that way. But since 2008, Google has learned to learn about these previously inaccessible places. But this fact is not a reason to turn your site into complete chaos, otherwise the results may become disastrous.

A PR of 6 will be the same for all pages on the site. It is not true. If the home page really has such a high score, then on the oldest page with the inscription "Hello, World!" he will most likely be different.

It is best to entrust the promotion of the resource by a foreign company in general from a third world country. This is not worth doing, even if the asking price will be cheaper. After all, if we are not talking about a company website that needs to be promoted in the near future, then in the best way you can promote your own website only yourself. Runet is already full of comments in broken Russian from foreign link builders.

The number of clicks on links directly affects the position in the search results. If this were true, then links from foreigners would be in the first places. It's so easy to hire cheap Asians to poke around for days on the right links, promoting certain sites.

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