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Vacation with children

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The appearance of a new small member in the family makes us reconsider the approach to rest. But how scary is air travel and acclimatization?

And is food in a foreign country suitable for a kid? It turns out that you can plan an independent trip and spend a vacation with your child, even in an exotic place. And those who are afraid to be away from home for a long time should debunk some popular myths about vacations with children.

With a child, you only need to go to the sea. Many people think that if you need to go somewhere far with your child, then only to the sea. But it is worth going there only if the adults themselves dreamed about it. After all, it may turn out that the child is very afraid of water, waves and unknown sensations. As a result, the vacation turns into an attempt to drag him into the sea, which he succeeds only at the end of the trip. And it's not so bad if you feel good in the water while your child is digging in the sand. And if another trip was postponed for the sake of the baby, it can become offensive. It is worth remembering that it is important for a child to feel close to their parents. He looks at the world through their eyes. The child will be happy where they will play with him, smile and show the world. It can be ancient Asian temples, natural beauty or wonders of European architecture. But a parent who is tired of constant stay under the scorching beach sun will not be such a pleasant companion for a kid than an inspired parent, albeit a little tired of visiting really desirable places.

Better to take package tours, for example, to Turkey or Egypt. The child does not really understand the difference, whether a specially trained person will meet you at the airport or whether a taxi will be ordered independently. He does not understand whether the accommodation has been paid for in advance or whether he will still have to walk around the hotels a little, looking for a cozy option. The point is only how much one's own enthusiasm is enough to organize the rest the way you want. It is likely that the beach you found yourself will be cleaner and less crowded than the one offered in the package tour. Apartments with a kitchen will be better than a boring hotel room, and the cultural program is more varied and wider than the one invented by the operator.

You must travel with your child by car. Oddly enough, without this vehicle, traveling can be even easier. In a car seat, not all children will be able to behave for about the duration of the trip. Why not take a train trip around Europe? The distance is not so great, and beautiful views can be opened from the windows. You can also choose a bus, taking into account the travel time of three to four hours. After all, the child should be given time to rest and sleep. And the best way would be a boat trip - children especially like such walks. Just don't take a lot of luggage with you. Some parents say that during their travels in Asia for several months they moved exclusively using public transport.

Only two parents need to go at once. It is believed that one parent simply cannot cope on such a journey. However, it is worth remembering how time is spent at home, is there always an assistant nearby? Usually there is a grandmother or mother next to the baby and there are no problems. Rest away from home in this regard is not particularly different, besides, there is no need to cook, and everything around is clearly conducive to walking. If there is a feeling of uncertainty, then why not go with the whole family, letting one of the parents go back in a week? In such conditions, children not only show unusual qualities, but also learn independence. And is it worth waiting for one of the family members to find a window in their schedule? Perhaps you just need to immediately use the opened opportunities for recreation with children?

In such trips, the volume of luggage will increase significantly. It also happened that young parents had an excess of 80 kilograms of luggage, but this is an exception. If you go to hot countries, then the weight should not grow - the diapers, though voluminous, are light. Little clothing is required, and food for a child can always be bought and prepared on the spot. If we are talking about a trip to winter Europe, then you need a large suitcase for warm shoes and clothes. But you can buy a lot on the spot, without stocking up on things for future use for all occasions. And it would not hurt to review the contents of the luggage. Do you definitely need a second down jacket or second stiletto heels? If the place is optimized, the confiscated items can be replaced with children's items. And already from the age of five, the child can be offered to carry his own backpack with things.

A child will drive everyone crazy with his behavior on the plane. In fact, you shouldn't be afraid of flying with children. Of course, the long road will infuriate anyone. You just need to remember that the child is not to blame for your choice of the form of vacation and that others should be respected. That is why it is worthwhile to treat with understanding the behavior of the kid on the plane. Do not shout at him and publicly scold him. You just need to plan the entire flight in advance. In stock should be goodies, new small and interesting toys. It's only better to pay attention to non-musical options, because there are others nearby. If the children are old enough, cartoons, audio stories or games on the tablet can help. A night flight when the baby is sleeping is a good option. And before the day's flight, you can try to exhaust him - get up early, ask for help to pack, not let him sleep on the way to the airport. And although it looks a little ugly, but in the plane itself there will be no trace of the threat - immediately after takeoff, the child will fall asleep.

The child may suffer from acclimatization. In general, acclimatization is a difficult and mysterious phenomenon. Some believe that they don't experience it at all, while others constantly encounter it. But who will guarantee the child's behavior? Only parents know how quickly the baby gets used to new things, how they feel about changing weather, how often they get sick. And we must not forget about taking out medical insurance before leaving. If the trip is planned for one to two weeks, then it is better to choose a place with a similar climate. For Moscow, in the summer it can be the Balkans or the Baltic States, and in the winter - the Alps or Scandinavia. If a longer period is expected, then you can already choose from different options. After all, there will be plenty of time to acclimatize and have time to rest. And you shouldn't be angry with a child if he doesn't want to walk a lot and eat unfamiliar food immediately upon arrival. It's just that the baby gets used to the new country, and understanding this situation will facilitate adaptation.

There will be no time left for rest with the child. First of all, it is worth clarifying what is generally considered a vacation? With the advent of a child, he will in any case become different. It is necessary to plan it so that the child is carried away by everything that happens around him, and does not go crazy trying to attract the attention of his parents. The child actually does not particularly limit the possibilities, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to lie down in silence with him. Children generally like different types of recreation - they love sledging and skiing, walking around castles and zoos. You just need to plan your own entertainment program so that there is a place in it for a couple of moments that are interesting to the child. He will wait for them, patiently holding his breath. After all, children like it so much when something is happening around, and they, together with their parents, take part in this. But do not forget that an adult is stronger, which means that the baby needs understanding and support, he simply cannot walk long distances on his own.

The child may be poisoned by local food. You should not immediately stuff your child with unfamiliar food. It's worth starting with your usual food, ordering thermally processed foods. Sushi and exotic fruits are best saved for later. It is better to choose crowded places and popular dishes for eating. So at least you can be sure that the ingredients are relatively fresh and not stale. Even in that very scary and unusual Asia, there are many dishes for children and components for instant cooking. These are the usual eggs, pasta, rice, pancakes, chicken broth, fish, cereals, bananas, watermelons. In any case, you must not forget to wash vegetables and fruits. For those who go on vacation for more than a week, it makes sense to rent a whole house or apartment with a kitchen. In this case, it will even make sense to bring some cereals from home, for example, buckwheat. And in different Asian cafes you can bring your own ingredients for cooking, or explain what exactly is required. For a child, just fish soup with potatoes and no spices is perfect.

Rest with a child will be much more expensive. You can talk about this if the child is over two years old. Then, for starters, you will have to pay extra for a plane ticket. The rest of the rise in price will manifest itself where before, before the birth of the child, there was austerity. If earlier it was possible to live in unassuming hostels with a shared toilet and neighbors, now you will have to choose a higher class housing. In general, the presence of a small satellite will have little impact on costs. The number of stars in the hotel is not so important to him, no matter what kind of carpet and wood in the room, how wide the bed is. Children do not distinguish between cheap and expensive and do not claim that somewhere nearby there is a better class hotel. The main rise in prices is born in the head against the background of myths and fears. After all, because of the birth of a child, the family does not move to a new area, but he simply starts walking to the nearest site. So is a five-star hotel - it is absolutely not required for a vacation with a new little traveler.

When traveling with a child, you can forget about cycling, hiking and kayaking. If you put a child in a bicycle seat, then you will have to pull him out of there with great difficulty. What kind of kid would refuse to travel on unusual transport, to sleep in the forest? From the age of three, a child will be happy to help assemble the tent. Yes, and a water trip is a bright adventure, but you should think about safety by preparing an inflatable vest or at least sleeves. Recently, cycling trips across Europe have become popular. There is an excellent mild climate, and there are many bike paths. And kayaking is possible with proper organization even in the suburbs, so you won't have to go far.

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